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Eva Guevara, Executive Speech Coach

While consulting one of my top clients for image consulting  I was asked to model one of her fantastic new pieces. What an opportunity, as I am primarily on the other side of the camera these days!   This client happens to be the owner of a boutique in LA.  She sells her line of BOHO chic clothing out of her shop, and needs to revamp her own image for press junkets and other events.

Image Consulting is imperative for anyone who has an interest in presenting themselves in a certain light, and it’s incredible to watch the confidence it instills in the people with whom I consult.  It never ceases to amaze me that no matter the status of a client, one thing remains true – we all need feedback from an outside eye, someone impartial.

Eva Guevara, LA Speech Coach at

Eva Guevara, Speech Coach

This designer has now asked me to do her personal wardrobe shopping.  I’ll be calling in my best teleprompter operator to help her feel comfortable on the fashion show red carpet and talk shows she’s booking.

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