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We have a variety of teleprompter gear available, to be delivered and operated by a skilled, experienced, professional.

For all rental options please click any tab below.   Prices and detailed information are also available.

Teleprompter setup on the roof - buildings in background

Standard Teleprompter Rental (AutoCue)

This is the basic, standard professional “through-the-lens” teleprompter.   It is sometimes referred to as an Autocue, Telescript or Prompter People unit.  The setup is elementary.  Our prompter is placed on the tripod and your camera sits on the sliding 15mm rods of our prompter plate.  The talent reads the text by looking directly at the lens.

Undoubtedly you’ve planned sufficient time for rehearsal.   At this point, our operator will customize the type size and speed to best fit the needs of your lead actor.

Consider screening the “Top Ten Teleprompter Tips” video to your talent before the actual day of shooting.  It can be found in the footer below.  Many producers have found it useful.  They’ve told us that they saw a discernable difference in the delivery.  It literally gave the performers more self-confidence and resulted in a much more relaxed, convincing reading.

You will be given the operator’s contact information in advance so you can communicate with each other.  We ask that you provide the copy on a flash drive or send it by email.  The operator will then load and format it on the computer and be ready to go.  We are aware that some producers need to work on the copy up to the last minute.  At times, changes are made even during the event itself.  Our operators are flexible and resourceful.   Major alterations to the script are best made at rehearsal.


Price $945 

10 Hour Day

Overtime –  $85 per hour

Delivered and operated by a skilled professional.  

Tolls and a mileage charge of .56 cents per mile will be added.  Prompters are delivered free of charge within the city.


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Daylight Battery-powered Prompter: Click Here



Interrotron Mark III logo

Interrotron Mark III setup



Interrotron Mark III Rental (Director’s Unit and Talent Unit)

The Interrotron Mark III is comprised of two distinct units:

The Director’s Unit is all inclusive: camera, lens, tripod, hood, mirror, mounting plate and a professional 16 X 9 camera monitor.  It can accept any signal your camera outputs (HDMI, HD-SDI, Component, Composite).  The director not only is “face to face” with the talent directly through-the-lens but can, therefore, simultaneously evaluate framing, exposure, depth of field, focus, color saturation, etc.

The Talent Unit is built on a modified, professional teleprompter platform.  The standard VGA definition teleprompter monitor is replaced by a large 16 X 9 full HD monitor. It is sized to display a human face in the correct proportion.   Our sliding 15mm, double gold plate mounting system will easily accommodate any camera and, if desired, also support your zoom lens.

Each unit comes with its very own rolling Pelican case and will be delivered by a trustworthy, trained technician. He/she will set up and operate the device and then once your shoot is over repack and return both units.

Price: $1195

Delivered with an experienced technician.

($65 hr OT after 10 hrs)

The Mark II unit was invented by Errol Morris, the Academy Award-winning documentary filmmaker, who used his Interrotron to get great “face to face” interviews with famous, but non-professional talent.  Actually, his wife coined the word Interrotron which is a combination of the words “Interview” and “Terror”.

The Mark III rig is especially useful with children.  Telling a child to “keep looking into the lens” is most often an exercise in futility.  But when kids see a smiling human speaking to them from in front of the lens they are naturally drawn to that face.  It’s just human nature.

The unit also serves to relax the talent.  This is especially true with those not used to being in front of the camera.

The Interrotron not only saves shooting time (think $$$$) but often gets the best response on the first take.  That’s why top commercial directors prefer the Mark III.


Interrotron Mark II

This is basically just a teleprompter that can accept a video signal from a second camera.   It is not the real ‘Errol Morris invention” . but can serve to calm the talent by allowing them to see the face of the director or interviewer in front of the lens.  It does not allow the “face to face” more intimate communication possible by the Marl III or the EyeDirect described below.

It does not come with a director’s unit or second camera or professional camera monitor.

Price $645

Delivered with a professional, experienced operator.

Your other option, particularly if you are traveling or if on a very tight budget, would be to consider the EyeDirect.

This popular device functions like the full Mark III in that both director and talent can see and interact with each other while preserving perfect eye line.  A “face to face” rapport with the talent is established.  Often, producers will shoot with the full Mark III in a major city such as New York or Hollywood and then take the smaller, highly portable EyeDirect on the road with them.

To see images and learn more about the EyeDirect click here.

Price: EyeDirect $250 day / $750 weekly.

It weighs 30 lbs in its custom-fitted rolling Pelican case and is just a bit larger than an airline carry-on bag.

We can ship it to you anywhere in the world.

EyeDirect Rental . Click Here

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EyeDirect Mark II in studio - Arie Ohayon operates it

EyeDirect Rental



EyeDirect Rental

The EyeDirect functions like the standard Mark III Interrotron in that both talent and director are able to see each other “face to face” and can judge body language as well as speech all the while allowing the talent to maintain perfect eye contact with the lens.  To learn more about the EyeDirect just click on the tab in the top menu.

Like the Mark III, this unit relaxes the talent who see a human face rather than the cold eye of the camera.

The unit comes in a custom fitted Pelican case which protects it while being shipped.  The case weighs just about 29 lbs and is just a bit larger than the typical airline carry-on bag.

The case has a retractable handle and wheels to ease transportation.

Price $250 day / $750 week


EyeDirect Rental Logo

Folding Mark E EyeDirect

 EyeDirect Rental . Click Here

President Obama reads Presidential Teleprompter at Podium with seal

President Obama reads Presidential Teleprompter at Podium



 Presidential Teleprompter Rental (aka Speech Prompter)


The Presidential Prompter is the standard device of choice.for speaking to an audience from a podium.  Chances are you have seen  these in action on TV.  Every President since Dwight D. Eisenhower has used one.


It consists of two glass panels on thin steel rods which are positioned on either side of the podium.  The audience can see right though the clear glass so the speaker’s face is not blocked from view.  But the speaker can clearly see his/her text reflected in the two-way mirrored glass form their vantage point behind the podium.  For this reason, the device is sometimes called the “invisible teleprompter”.


We have prompted for every President since Gerald Ford with our Presidential Prompters and highly experienced, professional operators.  We are regularly called to the United Nations to prompt for visiting Heads of State.  Recently, we prompted for Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.  It was a fascinating experience.


It is essential that a highly experienced operator set up and use this device as in virtually every case your event is live.  This puts pressure on the operator to get it right and to be ready when Murphy’s Law kicks in and there is some unexpected problem.  Our skilled operators carry a backup laptop because, let’s face it,  on rare occasions the computer may fail.  Especially at a live event, a backup is not simply a good thing it is essential.


Additionally, the operator must be totally familiar with the software and be able to incorporate any changes to the script instantly.  If the performer were to digress and tell a joke or react to a member of the audience or to ad lib for any reason, the operator must remain calm and handle the situation in a calm, deliberate manner.  Dealing with the unexpected is part of the job.


For more information, as well as images of the Presidential Prompter, click on the tab at the top menu above.


Price $1295


Pair Delivered with a Professional Operator.


Presidential Prompter aka Speech Prompter Click Here


A-List Talent We Have Prompted For. Click Here.






Podium Teleprompter


Now there are cases where in spite of the fact that the Presidential Prompter is virtually invisible, the speaker still does not want the audience to suspect that he/she is using a teleprompter.  In that case, we recommend a  “Podium Prompter”.    This consists of a thin “high bright” professional prompter monitor placed directly on the podium.  The wires are dressed inconspicuously down the inside of the podium and over to the operator hidden offstage.  


Note: as the Presidential Prompter is in two large rolling Pelican cases and the Podium Prompter is in one small briefcase, it’s cost effective to ship the podium prompter for venues where budget is an issue or if the local operator is not totally familiar with the more complex Presidential Prompter setup.  A local operator can easily connect the device (it’s a professional camera monitor with HDSDI, BNC, HDMI, Component and Composite inputs). It has a VGA converter, just in case.    The Podium Teleprompter is available in NYC and Hollywood but can be shipped anywhere.


Price:  $645 Podium Teleprompter


Delivered with a Professional Operator




Confidence Monitor


While speakers most often stand behind the podium, some prefer to roam about the stage and occasionally venture out into the audience.  In these cases we recommend using one or more confidence monitors.  These are flat screen HD monitors which receive a teleprompter signal.


The size and number of monitors varies depending on the venue and preference of the client.


Typical configurations are:


Price:  $645


Two 19″ Monitors.


Delivered with Operator, Computer & Software.


$95 per additional Monitor




Price:  $645 One 32″ or 36″ monitor on a low black stand.


Delivered with Operator.


$125 per additional unit




Large screen 42″ to 90″ Monitor mounted on large rolling stand.


Delivered with Operator.


Please call 212-219-1075 for prices






Confidence Monitor

It’s common for most speakers to stand behind the podium.  Although some speakers liker to walk around the stage and at times actually move out into the audience itself.  In cases like this we suggest you use one or more of our confidence monitors.  These are small, “flat screen” HD monitors which can receive any receive signal form a teleprompter .

The size and number of monitors varies depending on the venue and preference of the client.

Typical configurations are:

Price: $945 Two 19″ Monitors Delivered with Operator, Computer & Software ($95 per additional Monitor)

Price:  $945 One 32″ or 36″ monitor on a low black stand delivered with operator. ($125 per additional unit.)

Large screen 42″ to 90″ Monitor mounted on large rolling stand delivered with operator.

Price:  Please Call 212-219-1075

Check out the confidence monitor page for more information as as well as images of the units by clicking on the link in the top menu above.


EyePrompter | iPad Teleprompter units

EyePrompter | iPad Teleprompter




iPad Teleprompter Rental/EyePrompter Rental

We have experimented with virtually every type of iPad prompter and, frankly, we are not in love with any.  The text is just not easy to control. And the key to a good prompter experience is the confidence the talent has that the text is going to keep up with him or her.  If they speed up, the text flow must speed up, if they slow or stop the text must follow suit.

The iPad is just not great at this.  There is a way to control the iPad with an iPhone via Bluetooth but I have never been satisfied with it working dependably.

However, the best iPad prompter we have seen is the EyePrompter.  It is one piece, folds flat so it fits in a small briefcase (great for shipping) and unfolds ready for action in literally one minute and eleven seconds.  I timed it.

It sits on a small light stand or low C-stand (typical 750 studs) not included.  We do supply the adaptor.  This means that you can use any camera, from a small prosumer camcorder to a huge professional rig with a very long lens.

Price $95

Add an additional $25 if you need the iPad and software.


Note: this unit is not delivered and does not come with an operator.  It can be picked up and dropped off in Manhattan and Hollywood.


 EyePrompter Rental Page. Click Here

Silver Podium

Silver Podium with Podium Prompter

Medium Wooden Podium with Podium Prompter Not visible

Medium Wooden Podium with Podium Prompter Not visible

podium 2 with Podium Prompter not visible

Podium 2 with Podium Prompter not visible





Podium Prompter (Podium AutoCue)

The Podium Prompter is a thin teleprompter monitor placed on top of the podium out of sight of the audience. The cable is dressed down the inside of the podium and out to the operator offstage.

The speaker just glances down at the top of the podium as if he were simply glancing at notes and then returns his/her gaze to the audience.

This is the most “invisible” of the prompter types for a live performance.

$645 – 10 Hrs

Delivered and operated by a professional prompter operator.



Wireless SteadiCam Teleprompter (AutoCue) & Jib/Slider Teleprompter

This unit is not available in all locations and is custom built.

Please call Bill 917-414-5489 for more information re availability and pricing.


The Ear Prompt aka In Ear Teleprompter

Click on the button below and then call Bill Milling at 917-414-5489 for types, availability, and pricing

EarPrompt: Click Here

Rise and Fall “Robotic” Presidential Prompter Pair

presidential teleprompter

Occasionally, there is a need for several speakers to share the same podium at a live event.  They may be of varying heights so that the teleprompter may need to be adjusted up or down for each individual.  Having an assistant rush onstage to adjust the prompter height is not a good way to handle this.

Enter the Rise and Fall “Robotic” Presidential Teleprompter.   In rehearsal, our operator sets the height of the two glass “paddles” for optimum comfortable reading level for each speaker.  Then during the live event, he/she robotically adjusts the prompter height from a nearby location.

This unit is available in New York and San Francisco but can be shipped to other cities.  Our Manhattan robotic prompter has served Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Nantucket, Newark, Atlantic City, Hartford, Westchester and the Hamptons.

Price: $1695 Rise and Fall “Robotic” Teleprompter

Pair Delivered with a Professional Operator

Bill Milling, CEO TeleprompterRental.com (CAMERAS IN BACKGROUND)

Bill Milling, CEO TeleprompterRental.com

Teleprompter on set - crew members - Hartford

Hartford Teleprompter Rental

EyeDirect Mark II - Arie Ohayon operates it

EyeDirect Mark II

 About Hartford, Connecticut

Founded in 1635, Hartford is one of the oldest cities in America. It is the third largest city in Connecticut today and is the state’s capital. The city has a rich history in the arts. Hartford is home to the Wadsworth Antheneum, America’s oldest public art museum. Mark Twain also lived in Hartford for the better part of his writing career, and his home is now a museum. In addition to its value of the arts, Hartford is also home to America’s oldest public park and to Trinity College. As beautiful as it is rich in history, Hartford is a great city!

We Proudly Serve:

  • New York City
  • New Haven
  • Springfield
  • Norwich
  • Waterbury
  • New Britain
  • Naugatuck
  • Danbury
  • Bridgeport
  • Norwalk
  • Westchester, NY
 Jonathan Taylor, smiling guy, bearded

Jonathan Taylor – Hartford Speech Coach

Jonathan Taylor attended the New York Film Academy and received a degree in Acting. He moved to Hartford with his wife Nancy and has been a speech coach since 2013. He has produced several short films and documentaries, in which he uses his speech coaching skills to make talent appear more comfortable in front of the camera.

Large conference room great desk

Wilma Toddson – Producer at Hartford Office

Wilma Toddson has produced, directed and shot over 20 short films. She is now head of operations in the Hartford Office and works closely with NYC and New Jersey staff to make sure all shoots run smoothly. She enjoys spending her free time learning new things and is currently teaching herself how to knit sweaters.

Wilma Toddson - Producer at Hartford Office - blonde with headphones operates prompter
Nolan Martin, in red shirt operates camera

Nolan Martin 

Nolan Martin is the Hartford teleprompter operator and director of photography. Nolan has shot everything from commercials to music videos to PSAs to short films. He enjoys spending his time caring for the office dog, Leo and has joined Wilma in the endeavor to knit sweaters.

Leo is a gentle dog who loves to cuddle the office staff members. He can be found lounging around the office with his favorite chew toy.

Leo the dog blue eye/brown eye

That’s me, Meredith, pictured below.  I am a Production Office Coordinator and Teleprompter Operator.

Meredith (Xana) - Teleprompter Operator - Hartford, beautiful young woman
Hartford is the capital of Connecticut. It is probably most famous for the historic landmark, The Mark Twain House and Museum. Samuel Clemens aka Mark Twain, and his family lived there from 1874 to 1891. It is where Mark Twain wrote his most important works, including Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, and The Prince and the Pauper. The Gothic building has 25 rooms, a dramatic hall and an incredible grand library. Time magazine has dubbed it “Downton Abbey’s American Cousin.” I am sort of embarrassed to confess that I have not read those American standards. I know they’re important, but just never got around to them.

I am equally in the dark when it comes to any of the Star Wars movies, The Sound of Music, Casablanca and King Kong to name a few. I’m not sure what the aversion has been, but I’ve gone this long without them and I seem to be fine.   Who knows, one of these days I might just pick up a book or actually watch Casablanca. My interests have been elsewhere.

I have a few acting friends that moved to Connecticut to raise their families and to supposedly have a better quality of life. Curiously enough they maintain their agents in New York City and at times venture back to Manhattan. I am a very calm person. I can’t think of anything I am passionate about that would get me to cross the street, let alone take a train.

I’m also not a big kid person. I vividly recall being a kid myself and knowing that I didn’t want to deal with a screaming baby. Some women are not meant to be mothers. I have not regretted my stance.

Hartford isn’t a very big town. The population isn’t much more than around 125,000 but there is a lot to do there if you like to eat out and shop. The small Victorian cafés are rich in both history and calories.

If you should ever find yourself craving a glass of vintage Pinot Noir and a home made spinach, butter quiche with caramelized sweet potatoes, you have to visit this town.

I am lucky to have spent my formative years in such a charming, interesting city. Connecticut has distinct seasons and every fall is incredible. It feels like a Bob Ross painting come to life. Hartford has a small town feel but a big town artistic culture which I always very much appreciated. The historical and architectural blend is just breathtaking. The people are very down to earth and genuine. Such characteristics are very hard to find these days. Two of my favorite places to hang out were Penwood State Park and Elizabeth Park.
Nothing beat bringing a good book and allowing Mother Nature to envelop me, to surround me with its beauty. Being aware of that wonder simply made everything better. I almost feel guilty that I haven’t read any of Twain’s work. I suppose I tended to shy away from its popularity. Having lived and breathed in that city has had an impact. I owe that much to myself and to the author.

Great writers and artists wield such power with their art. I am cognizant of the human connection that binds us all together through words, film, music or paintings. Art in all forms transforms us. It’s something we can all share. The world is better because of it.

On a minuscule level I am so happy to be part of that creative world. During the summer, pure serendipity led me to a charity event. There I met some folks who were sponsoring it and had provided a teleprompter and other equipment to the venue. I observed and was intrigued by the operator of that interesting device and his particular contribution to the successful delivery of the speech by one of the contributors. He was incredibly patient and informative. He actually liked explaining the process to me. We became friends, and I am now working at the same company! Sometimes, you simply have to be open to new possibilities and go with the flow!

Teleprompter Rental Hartford

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