Teleprompting for Must Love Cats

No, really, there’s a TV show called Must Love Cats


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I did a job for John Fulton, the host of Must Love Cats.


Being an LA  resident, I don’t often travel, but for this gig, I got to fly to Philadelphia.


I was hoping that the gig would go by quickly and I could pick up a cheese steak, but alas, the weather did not permit such frivolities.

Must Love Cats is a show about cat lovers, and their obsession. John Fulton visits folk who, apparently, Must Love Cats, learns about their cats, and then improvises a song on his guitar about said cats.

It’s actually kind of clever.

John is a very tall, nice guy. We chilled a little bit in the Matthew J. Ryan Veterinary Hospital at U. Penn, then when we couldn’t get on the roof to shoot due to rain, ended up in an exam room.

I’m not a cat person, I know that dogs are superior pets, but  does highlight the love for these animals. Our shoot emphasized health and wellness concerns for cats, and that made me feel good inside.

John did reveal one thing to me though, which I found hilarious. He’s allergic to cats.

That’s right, the host of Must Love Cats, is allergic to cats.


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Must Love Cats airs Saturday Nights from 8:00-9:00 on Animal Planet.


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Eva Guevara, LA Speech Coach & Teleprompter Operator

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