Green Day for a Green Earth

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Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day Promotes a better World

When I was told I was going to prompt for Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day, I kinda freaked out a bit.

It wasn’t a Liam Neeson or Hugh Jackman freak out, but it was still big, different, but big. Must be a rock star thing. Also the fact that Green Day holds a spot in my top 5 Albums of All Time may have fueled the fire a bit. You know that list of albums you would have with you on a deserted island if you got stranded?

Mine goes like this:
The Beatles – Abbey Road
The Beatles – White
Green Day – American Idiot
Nickel Creek – This Side
Ben Folds – Rockin’ The Suburbs

The fourth and fifth are hard picks, I thought about Oasis – What’s the Story (Morning Glory), but I have the Beatles so do I need Oasis? Sum 41 is great, but I have Green Day. Incubus – Make Yourself and Morning View are also really great.

But I know that I can listen to Green Day – American Idiot, over and over again and find something new each time. Great Album.

Anyways, for this gig, Billie Joe Armstrong and his wife, Adrienne Nesser, threw their presence behind, a very cool idea for the holiday season. Instead of buying the same old “shit”, put your money toward helping the environment.


Great idea!!



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So thanks to Green Day and their success, Billie Joe Armstrong gets to lend his voice to save the planet.

Green Day’s latest album Awesome as FUCK was released March 22 of this year.



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