AutoCue Gold Plate Teleprompter


When someone asks me what our gold pate teleprompter looks like and what it does, I just show them a picture like this one.

The AutoCue Gold Plate Prompters come in a variety of sizes form 10″ to 21″ and  have a complete 15mm rod system with individual sliding  plates to support both the camera and a lens.

There are rod mounted counter weights to accommodate any size camera and lens.


Teleprompter with camera and long lens at

It says it all, it’s a virtual gold plate, but what you receive from this teleprompter is more than just fancy apparatus, it’s teleprompter that gets the job done when needed.
Of all the teleprompter jobs I’ve worked, the ones with the  Autocue gold plate are the ones I remember as the best.

And clients who work with one of our experienced executive speech coaches such as Eva Guevara give a much more relaxed and effective speech.

We can provide a speech coach with or without a teleprompter.


Professional Executive Speech Coach

Eva Guevara, Executive Speech Coach


Executive speech coaching is often used with the presidential teleprompter system. Podium and Presidential Teleprompter

Presidential “Speech” Teleprompter



Logo for uses the top of the line AutoCue Gold Plate Teleprompters.

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