MTVK uses the Gold Plate Teleprompter in We for special Girls Generation Celebration!

Girls Generation Rocks

The nine member Korean pop group, Girls Generation, is probably one of the most successful pop acts we’ve never heard of before. The girl group joined MTVK and American Movie Co. in MTV’s Times Square studio on Oct 24th and let me tell you what a pleasure it was to meet these talented young women! Grace, the always lovely host of MTVK’s Studio 5, used the gold plate teleprompter in between her interview segments with the girls. The gold-plate teleprompter (on the far left) set up in the Times Square Studio! The girls of Girls Generation (or as their international fans know the group as SNSD) are preparing to take the states by storm with their release of their very first English single “The Boys” this month.”The Boys” features heavy beat and a radio-friendly sound, showing off the group strong vocals and rapping skills. The music video for “The Boys” received almost 12 million views in the first week it was added to youtube…pretty impressive ladies! The group has already released the Korean version of the song (off the album of the same name) and we learned on set that the girls have just signed with Interscope records. The group shared that they haven’t begun work in the studio on a full length English album as of yet, but it’s definitely in the cards for the near future. On Monday, all nine girls stopped by the MTV Newsroom and talked with the host of MTV Studio 5 , Grace, about performing to the sold-out crowd at Madison Square Garden in October. Their concert was a key part of a larger series of performances by the various musical acts that make up the Korean mega music label SM Town. Group member Jessica told Grace: “Performing at Madison Square Garden is a real honor, so we had a lot of fun.” During the Madison Square Garden concert the girls sang, for the first time, the English version of “The Boys.” The girls share with Grace and the crew on set that the english version of the song went over well. Jessica shared: “They all sang along, so we were really happy to sing it in front of our fans for the first time and we thank everyone for singing along.” While in the studio the girls were overwhelmed by the outpouring of their US fans support during their short visit. A horde of happy SoOne’s (that’s the nick-name Girls Generation Fans have given themselves) gathered outside the Times Square studio, all waiting eagerly for a glimpse o the Girls. And the ladies didn’t disappoint – in fact they seemed almost as excited to see their fans as the fans were to see them!! My favorite of the girls was Kim Hyo-yeon, her smile was so genuine and you could just feel her welcoming energy across the room. She made a moment to stop, make eye contact, and smile at each of the crew members (the language barrier made it challenging to converse). I was so impressed with her presence and style. Here Kim Hyo-yeon gives her band member Jessica a hug during our shoot! “This whole situation itself has been pretty surreal,” Tiffany admitted to us. “We are just very fortunate and we’re just really excited to be able to meet our fans here in the East Coast and in the U.S.” With Grace on the gold plate teleprompter the entire Time Square Studio event went smoothly, the American Movie Co. team felt very fortunate to have been able to play a part in this production because the girls of Girls Generation were among most gracious celebrities we’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Check out two more of photos we managed to snap behind the

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