Interrotron makes Children’s Interviews a breeze.

Using the Interrotron removes the abstract and replaces it with the concrete.

At every Interrotron gig I work, there are at least three people who go out of their way to ask me questions about it.  It is a fairly simple set up, just two teleprompters and two cameras with direct feeds to one another.  Not a big deal, but it blows the mind of so many people.  I take people through the “tour” of what Interrotron is all about, and point out why the Interrotron is used.

Working with people who aren’t actors or broadcasters can be very difficult, especially when time is an issue, and really, when isn’t it?

The Interrotron takes away the impersonal interaction of the camera, and replaces it with the director’s face, for a one-on-one conversation.  BRILLIANT!  Mostly used for interviews, it allows the subject to relax and respond naturally to the camera, and therefore be interesting to watch.

The other group of “talent” that responds amazingly well to Interrotron are kids.  Children are not abstract, they are universally concrete.  So, taking direction and putting a performance to the camera doesn’t always gell into the psyche of children.  The Interrotron removes the abstract and makes it concrete.  The director can talk directly to the kids, through the camera, and the kids can give their performance directly to the director.

The difference is incredible.

If the teleprompter is ultimately a time saving device, then the Interrotron is as well, but in different ways.  The teleprompter saves time through having the talent give a perfect delivery.  The Interrotron saves time through having the talent relax and give a great performance.

Interrotron was developed by legendary interviewer Errol Morris.

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