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Eric Stoltz star of Caprica is starting a new series on Lifetime


Modern Love is a new show on Lifetime featuring Eric Stoltz as a society reporter who’s life gets quite complicated.

I know what you’re thinking, really Eric Stoltz, Lifetime? I thought this as well.

Here’s the thing, Lifetime Network is trying to rebrand, and this is a good thing, cause that channel has been a joke for years.

I was working the promo shoot for Modern Love, and it actually caught my eye. Not just your typical Hollywood drivel, and thank goodness not a reality show!

It does capture on the theme of some of the most popular reality shows like Desperate Housewives and Kardashian nonsense. It also seems like a more adult version of Gossip Girl, without all the cell phone use and blogging.

Instead of a blog, Eric Stoltz writes for a newspaper, investigating the who’s who, while his personal relationships with his wife and daughter get strained and stretched.

There may be more to the show, but it’s hard to gauge, I was just in a big studio with a bedroom built. It did seem to have a biting sense of humor, which I have a taste for, and Eric Stoltz is particularly good at portraying.


Eric Stoltz blew us all away in Pulp Fiction, and is one of the hardest working actors anywhere!


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