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Performers, actors, and presenters utilize the Ear Prompter, a wireless in-ear cueing and communication system, to get instructions or scripts discretely during live performances or recordings.

What is the Ear Prompter? – T. David Rutherford

The ear prompter is available for pick up[ in NYC but can be FedExed overnight to anywhere in the USA.

Ear Prompter
Daily Rental $125
Weekly $345

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The Significance of ear prompter

The ear prompter can be a useful tool for performers, actors, and presenters who need to say lines or get cues during live performances or recordings. It lets them get instructions or scripts in private, so they don’t have to rely on visual or audible cues that might distract the audience or mess up the performance. The ear prompter can help improve the quality and accuracy of the performance. It can be especially helpful for people who are new to a script or who are working with complicated or technical material. Overall, the ear prompter can be an important tool for anyone who needs to give a confident and polished performance.


Ear Prompter Advantages:

1.Discreet cueing: The Ear Prompter lets performers and presenters receive cues or scripts without visible or audible cues that could distract or interrupt the performance.

2. Increased accuracy: The ear prompter helps performers deliver their lines more accurately and confidently by providing a reliable and consistent source of cues or scripts.

3. Improved performance: The ear prompter lets performers and presenters focus on their delivery without worrying about forgetting lines or cues.

4. Flexibility: The ear prompter lets performers work with complex or technical material and make last-minute script or presentation changes.

5. Easy setup and use: The ear prompter can be customized to meet the performer’s or presentation’s needs.

Overall, the ear prompter can help anyone give a confident, polished presentation by ensuring accuracy and professionalism.

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Ear Prompter

There are a variety of styles and tech concerns with the Ear Prompter.

Ear Teleprompter Rental
$125 per day
$350 per week

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