That was the question asked of me time and time again while I was working on the set of the latest Charles Barkley commercial.
“I’m the interrotron operator”, I would say.  To which they would ask, “What in the world is an interrotron?”  To that I would respond that the interrotron is the greatest advancement in teleprompter technology in the last twenty five years.

The Interrotron is a device similar to a teleprompter.  The interviewer and the interviewee each sit facing a camera. The image of each person’s face is then projected onto a two-way mirror which is positioned in front of the lens of the other’s camera. Instead of looking at a blank lens, then, both interviewer and the subject are looking directly at a human face.  Errol Morris, the filmmaker credited with inventing the interrotron believes that the machine helps to explore the relationship between “monologue and language, and how people present themselves to camera, and express themselves to camera.”

The name “Interrotron” was coined by Morris’s wife, who, according to Morris, “liked the name because it combined two important concepts — terror and interview.”

All involved in the shoot were amazed at the clarity and the ease with which the project was completed with the help of the Interrotron..

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