Teleprompting for Dan Rather

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Dan Rather started his own show on HDNet

The first thing that struck me about Dan Rather, was his height. Most octogenarians are a bit stooped, a little hunched. They’ve lived a long time, in years that had lots of change, and change makes things hard. Not so for Dan Rather, he stands straight. His face is still familiarly full, and his eyes clear. The only thing that shows his age is his hair, a brilliant silver white, and his hands.
Yeah I said it, his hair. I won’t even have hair in a few years, and this guy is eighty!

Prompting for Dan Rather was a breeze. He’s one of the old guard, a super professional. He reads without mistakes, and makes everything look easy.

We’re shooting for his 9/11 program to be played on HDNet. Lower Manhattan will be part of the focus, so we’ve set up on Stone Street. It’s one of my favorite streets in New York City. It’s a place out of time, much like Dan Rather himself. He comes from old school journalism that doesn’t particularly take a stance, but presents the news neutrally. He also was before the 24 hour news horribleness, which aims to make sensational television, not accurate reporting.

I am impressed, as you should be, with the seasoned veteran of television, Dan Rather.

Dan Rather Reports airs Tuesdays at 8:00pm on HDNet.


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Teleprompting for Dan Rather

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