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Lessons learned shooting in a Corporate Video Studio


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More and more corporations are building tiny studios in their offices, and for good reason. The online presence is growing exponentially in importance for all businesses, and the new way Google keeps your link on top, is if you are creating new content.

Video content is especially helpful.

Video Production New York

Plus online information consumers love videos. Would you rather read a ten page article or watch a 3 min video with the same content?

Of course you want to watch the video.

This is why the corporate studio is growing.

It was quite tiny, as if they took someone’s office and repurposed it to be a studio. Sound is always an issue, and they didn’t get it quite perfect, but they did hang a grid from the ceiling and the lights were good. To their credit, being in New York City, sound is almost always an issue, no matter where you go.

One interesting thing I noticed is that while the corporations are spending some money on video production, they are not training their executives and employees on how to be ON CAMERA.


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As an actor I’ve had a lot of training and experience as to how these things work and I often forget that “normal” people do not have this training. The “talent” would jump right into their lines immediately upon the call of action, leaving a nightmare of no space between the sound for the editor to work with. They didn’t understand what a slate is for, and just thought clapping was funny.


Professional Executive Speech Coach

Eva Guevara, Executive Speech Coach and Teleprompter Operator



They don’t understand that little movements are huge on camera, and that how they say a line is as important as the words in the line.



There are so many things I could go into detail, but it would take all day, and I think you’d rather watch a video than read a long article?

Do I know my audience or what?

If you have a corporate studio and want some advice, give us a call.


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