Candice Rankin, Executive Speech Coach, LA

Candice Rankin has trained at both The American Academy of Dramatic Arts and New York City’s Circle in the Square. She has completed several courses instructing her on how to tone down regionalisms, eradicate dialects, improve enunciation, strategize sentence phrasing, grouping and most importantly, timing. The technique incorporates Edith Skinner’s phonetics combined with professional theatrical and commercial training. Most people are terrified to speak in front of people, let alone read from a teleprompter.

Does your heart begin to race? Do you appear calm on the outside but suffer major internal anxiety? Do you feel self conscious about how to stand or move your hands? These are all common fears that are easily turned around in to a more direct, confident, relaxed way of speaking , lecturing, and most importantly, feeling.. You will know how to use your voice and body because I will help you understand and connect to what you are saying, not simply reading.. I will teach you breathing techniques and exercises that will ensure your success.

Candice has expertise in the Cicero System of effective speech coaching and in use of both standard teleprompters and presidential prompters in her coaching practice

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