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Best zoom iPad teleprompter rental

The Right Choice

When using a professional camera in a professional video production a standard “through-the-lens” teleprompter is brought to the set and operated by an experienced prompter technician.  But more and more producers and directors are operating from home and need another solution.

The new Zoom Prompter is designed to work with any Webcam.

It solves several problems:

1. The self-scrolling software means you don’t need an operator.  It’s easy to operate with a minimal of set up and practice.

2. It’s a true “through-the-lens” prompting system.  You read the text looking right into the camera lens.

3. The table top tripod lets you position the Zoom Prompter right over the top of your computer screen.

4.  It’s very affordable. A standand teleprompter with an operator costs $750 to $950 a day.

Designed to work with any video conferencing software.







Google Meet

Microsoft Teams, and much more.

Zoom iPad Teleprompter Rental

AutoScroll Software

The Amazing AutoScroll “Self-Scrolling” software moves the text as you speak!

If you read it quickly it will scroll quickly. Read slowly it follows slowly. And if you stop for a joke or ad-lib it will stop and wait for you.

Rental Price: $95 per day $250 per week

The Best Zoom iPad Teleprompter Rental

Andrew Hebert
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