Best WebCasting Teleprompter + Camera + Microphone



Personal Prompter for Zoom, Webex, YouTube, FaceBook Live, etc.



The iPad Prompter has an amazing new AutoScroll software.

When you read the text quickly it scrolls quickly… slowly it scrolls slowly.

And if you ad-lib… it stops and waits for you to continue.



Available for pickup in Hollywood and New York

$495 Day $995 Week

iPad Prompter & Autoscroll only $250 Day, 750 Week

Camera & Mic $250 day, $750 Week

We ship anywhere.

WebCasting Teleprompter: MagiCue iPad Teleprompter

  • Holds both standard and new 12.9″ iPad Pro
  • Amazing new software, Autoscroll.
    • You can read your text into the iPad or type it in.
    • When in prompting mode the scrolling follows your voice,
    • When you speak quickly it moves quickly.
    • When you speak slowly in scrolls slowly.
    • And if you go “off book” and ad lib, it will stop and wait for you.
    • Unit comes in a hard foam, fitted case
    • Video on this page shows easy assembly.
    • The unit is designed for professionals as well as those unfamiliar with teleprompting.
    • Recommended for use with any webcasting service.
    • Perfect for use with Zoom, WebeX, YouTube, FaceBook Live, Bluejeans, etc.
MagiCue IPad Teleprompter  for WebCasting
Avaya Webcam for WebCasting Teleprompter

Avaya. Full HD Web and Video Conference Camera

Collaboration and video conferencing made easy.

Designed for use with WebCasting

Provides full 1080p HD video for online, virtual conferences, gamers or individual users.

8x digital zoom

USB 3.1 Gen 1 and HDMI interfaces,

This advanced Avaya Camera can be easily mounted to a monitor or laptop or tripod.

The camera has it’s own stereo microphone but when using a teleprompter it’s beat to have a separate mic placed directly in front of the speaker.

HDMI cable plunges directly into your Mac or PC. for extreme ease of set up and use.

Rhode Cardioid Condenser Microphone


Our WebCasting Teleprompter kit includes the new Rode NT1 cardioid condenser mic with a SMR Premium Shockmount.  The microphone is equipped with Rycote Lyre suspension to dampen external noise . The kit can be used to capture audio for vocalist and instruments in recording studio applications, and more.

Key Features

  • Rhode Cardioid Condenser Microphone
  • SMR Shockmount
  • Rycote Shockmount Suspension in Mic
  • Microphone Dust Cover
  • Attaches to your laptop or Monitor
  • Tripod mount
Rhode Condenser Microphone Foe Webcam Teleprompter
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