Side view Image of teleprompter on tripod with a very long lens.

Standard AutoCue Gold plate prompter

Teleprompter Specialists

Professional Teleprompter Operators

We are a division of the American Movie Company and provide a complete line of professional teleprompters and prompter services.

What separates us from the competition, aside from our state-of-the-art equipment and highly competitive prices, is our experienced operators who insure our clients have a worry-free shoot.

We provide a full line of  Teleprompter Rentals including:

1. Presidential Prompters

2. Interrotrons

3. Hand Held Prompters,

4. Presidential Teleprompters

5 Daylight Teleprompters

6. Confidence Monitors, etc


Our Pro Prompter Package (Advanced design with rigging, rod system and sliding gold plate for mounting on any tripod or pedestal with larger cameras e.g. Red Camera MX, F900, Alexa, etc). $695 delivered.

Location shoot with our daylight, battery powered prompter in Central Park

Location shoot with our daylight, battery powered prompter

Daylight Prompter with UltraBrite monitor.  Standard prompter monitors are 300 to 400 NITS  (maesure of brightness)  Our UltraBrites are 1600 NITS enabling their use outside in sunlight or in brightly lit studio interiors, stage productions, etc.  Battery powered.  $895 delivered in NYC or LA.


Standard Telprompter at

Standard Telprompter

Our Standard “Thru The lens”  Teleprompter (aka Autocue) with computer and operator $595.

Presidential Prompter (pair) with operator, $895.  Delivered in LA & NYC.

Interrotron “Errol Morris” interview unit.  Set of two video prompters with 2ncamera and tripod, etc.  $895 Delivered in LA & NYC.

Confidence Monitor: A variation of the popular presidential prompter, this package includes a large 42” HD monitor on an adjustable stand that is placed in the direct view of the speaker. $895.  Delivered NYC.

Straight Read Prompter: For use with light ring units for front projection green screen systems and/or very long lenses.  Also useful for gaining an extra F stop under low light conditions. $695  Delivered NYC & LA.

Projection Monitors: Twin video projectors display the copy on the walls of the room/stage or on two strategically placed screens.  $895  Delivered NYC.

NEW  Extra Brite Monitors.  Brighter, sharper, easier to read.   No additional charge NYC

NEW  Hand Held prompter for small spaces, job mount, StediCam, etc $495 Delivered NYC & LA.

Prices include professional operator, computer, cables and software for a ten-hour day delivered in NYC or LA  (additional mileage charges may apply beyond 40 miles of operator base in LA)

Darja Schabad: Prompter Operator, fluent Russian, German, English & Spanish

AMC is a full-service company with back up machines, extra mirrors, cables, laptops, etc. We have qualified, Russian, Japanese, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and Chinese (Mandarin & Cantonese) speaking prompter operators.

Teleprompter Specialists

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