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Presidential Prompter Rental Near Disaster

On Sunday morning was hired by a foreign embassy to provide a presidential teleprompter with experienced operator as well as a Spanish speaking speech coach to report to the United Nations within two hours.

This is Katya, the speech coach…


Katya Connor - Executive Speech Coach at

Katya Connor – Executive Speech Coach


And this is the bizarre event as it actually happened…

Teleprompter Hell… International Edition Dateline: New York, United Nations 6:am Sunday Morning. Secretary to the President of a South American Nation calls our 24/ 7 Teleprompter Hotline. She (Visual she is a hot but professional, Latina) breathlessly explains that El Presidente is due to give a critical speech at the General Assembly at 3:47 that afternoon. He totally relies on his teleprompter. He’s totally feaked that it did not arrive. And he’s layin’ it all on her. What a guy. He can’t use UN prompters ‘cause he’s too short for the podium. (Perhaps shot of just hat sticking up ove UN podium) So, he had his own “special podium” flown in and up set next to the main stage. 6: 20 am I awake my staff. They tell me all of our Presidential Teleprompters are already spoken for. 6: 25 I call my owner/operator prompter pals. No joy. It’s Sunday Morning. No one answers. 6:30 I have a plan Our company operates a green screen stage on which we have two presidential prompters. Katya, our executive speech coach, and her associates use them for training: public speakers, corporate execs, and politicians, et al. Problem is our stage is on the 12th floor of a very upscale Wall Street building. . No way in hell are the security dudes going to let my staff roll big equipment cases out via the passenger elevators. And this is post 9/11. (Two large security guards block our way That’s Me tall, thin with glasses white hair and beard, Tom 5,9” crew cut & handsome. But, remember… I have a plan. 7:00 I call back the secretary and ask her if she would like me to bring along Katya to coach the president on his delivery and help with his copy. “Si”, she cries “He needs all the help he can get”. 8:00 I gather up two suitcases and ask Katya and Juan, my Prompter Operator, to meet me at the studio. And bring suitcases. 8:45 We dismantle the presidential prompters and pack ‘em into the suitcases. We stroll past security like tourists. That’s Me tall, thin with glasses white hair and beard, Tom 5,9” crew cut handsome and Katya our blonde goddess 8:50 In the van we race up the drive to the UN logo on the side. 9: 30 We arrive at the UN. And they won’t let us in., We have no prior security clearance and this is still post 9/11. Remember? 9: 34 Katya to the rescue. She has been prompter coaching the Undersecretary of the UN. She has his mobile. Great But, no answer. (Kata holds cell phone frustrated) Not great. 10:15 I’m sitting in a coffee shop on 42 nd street feeding my team breakfast. Katya’s phone rings. (CU Katya’s face smiling) It’s the undersecretary. We’re in. 11:30 We meet the president. His eyes laser lock on Katya (visual she is a tall, beautiful blonde). She’s intelligent, professional, talented, charismatic… His attention is all about her and off the prompter. He speaks. Spanish. Only Spanish No hay problema. Katya is Ukrainan and is fluent in Russian, German, Italian and, yes Spanish. Tom, speaks fluent Spanish. There is “joy in mudvile” 11: 45 We set up our prompters next to the president’s special podium. 12:15 But wait. We are told, Tom must sit up in the “sky booth” to operate. That’s how it’s done. But the cable system that the UN uses is not the same high tech system we use. 12: 30 Back in our van and driving like hell to our storage facility in Queens. (Visual of cool van racing across the iconic 59th street bridge . “TeleprompterRental.Com on the side of van. (Perhaps with a logo which hope to supply if not just use the URL.) I get a 200’ roll of cat 5 and a brace of balins to convert our system to theirs and back again. 1:45 Van arrives back at the UN. Again. But, no joy. Security is different. They won’t let me in. New guards. Bigger this time. I’m still not on the list. And no one inside is answering their damn mobile phones. Katya’s is ringing. But, the infatuated president won’t let her answer. This is his time. 2:30 My assistant picks up. Get’s to Katya. Her smile convinces the “main man” to let her call the undersecretary. 3: PM I’m in. 3: 30 All tech problems solved. 3: 47 El Presidente gives a fiery, flamboyant speech. 4: 30 The president, kisses and thanks Katya profusely. He totally ignores me and Tommy. Three days later. El Presidente is now back in his country and, in his sublime wisdom, disputes the Visa charge on the grounds that he did not have enough prompter practice time. (Presidente shouting to secretary “No hay possible!” Four days later. El Presidente invites Katya to his palace for the weekend. Four Days, One nano second later. Katya declines, as she had planned to reorganize her shoe rack that weekend. Five days later Visa rules in our favor. We get paid. Bill’s smiling face That afternoon. There is a coup in his country and he is a virtual prisoner in the presidential palace. Presidente cowering at window of palace with angry throng outside. Eleven months later. 6:am Sunday Morning. the Ex President of a South American Nation calls our 24/ 7 Teleprompter Hotline… “Ola, Katya?”

Teleprompter Hell

Teleprompter Hell!

Every teleprompter job is a whole new adventure, each with its own unique and exciting challenges and situations to conquer.

This particular instance was so memorable for the series of hurdles that had to be overcome to get to the finish line. From time problems to tech problems to security guard problems, they approached everything in a calm, systematic way, and were able to make everything work on time and on budget.

Thanks to all the AMC team.  Especially Katya, our Spanish speaking speech coach.


Katya Connor - Executive Speech Coach at

Katya Connor – Executive Speech Coach

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As a national prompter service, rather than an individual owner operator, has all the crew and gear resources to respond quickly to any issues that might arise, with additional units and above all… cool and efficient professionalism.

This recent instance tested every aspect of the company’s ability to deliver.

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