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Eva Guevara teleprompter Operator Hollywood

That was the comment I heard time and again on the last teleprompter job I had. It was a commercial shoot with NBA great Charles Barkley in it.
There were at least ten scripts for Charles to read over the course of two days of shooting, and the scripts were constantly changing. Each script had at least four camera setups, so Charles had to use the teleprompter for the entire shoot, it was the only way to get the amount of shooting done in the time that was allowed.
The amazing line was said to me over an over again by the execs and the director and assistant director, they noon that time is of the essence on shoots like these.
Adding to the pressure of the situation were the execs who had to constantly go and check with others from the name brand to see if they were getting enough on the product. So they would return every ten minutes and want lines changed. With the program that is used line changes are as easy as typing your name, after a minute of fixing the lines, bam and we were ready to role.
So after 10 scripts, and 40 set ups, we were wrapped early on the second day, which made cast and crew happy.


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