Amanda Mantovani, Executive Speech Coach, NYC

Give a relaxed, effective speech your audience will love and be impressed with.

When it’s necessary to give an important, entertaining and totally effective speech, to be relaxed while doing it and insure that you’ve not missed a thing, you should consider using the proven effective combination of a professional speech coach and a device called a “presidential prompter”.

Amanda Mantovani, professional speech coach and accomplished actress (Mad About You, Will & Grace, Friends) uses her experience coaching corporate executives, diplomats, presenters and politicians to help her clients give the best speech of their lives.  She recently coached the Under Secretary of the United Nations to deliver a brilliant talk at the last session of the UN using a combination of Amanda’s skillful coaching  and the Presidential Prompter.  She had similar success coaching a variety of politicians at the recent Republication Convention here in New York.

The Presidential Prompter is the same device President Obama uses to deliver his speeches.  It consist of two clear glass screens placed on the right and left side of the speaker.  The audience just sees clear glass, but the speaker sees the works of the script slowly scrolling by.

Amanda will work with you in advance (at our Manhattan studios or at your place of business) to insure not only ease of use with the prompter but personalized coaching in the most effective manner.  Amanda will improve your next speech whether you are an accomplished speaker or this is your very first time in front of a live audience

If you care about giving a great speech you should consider using the proven effective combination of Amanda Mantovani and a Presidential Prompter.

Additionally available is, Adrianne Arno, a professional stylist and make-up artist who will insure that to look your very best.  This is especially important if there are theatrical or event lighting and/or video.

Teleprompting Specialists, providing a full line of professional prompters.

What sets us apart, beyond our high-quality equipment and low prices, is our experienced professional operators who will insure you have a trouble-free production. Unlike, many “single owner/operators” we are a full-service company with back up machines, extra mirrors, cables, laptops, etc. We have qualified:  Russian, Spanish, German, Japanese, Cantonese, Portuguese and Mandarin speaking operators available.

All prices include professional operator, computer, cables and software for a ten-hour day.   Now with free delivery and pick up in Manhattan.

Our Prompters Feature:

  • Clear and crisp prompting image (1800 Nits) recommended fo even in the most extreme sunlight or studio lighting.  And in extreme lighting conditions, we now have the new XtraBrite monitors available.
  • Slimline and lightweight, our teleprompters can be mounted to a pedestal using rods or to any pedestal/ tripod using our versatile “Gold Plate” which slides backwards and forwards to accommodate any size of camera (DV or ENG). System comes with risers, rods, extenders, counterweights, etc.
  • The hood moves up and down to enable you to shoot through the center of the glass with no need to raise the camera.
  • Our prompters are custom-made and include advanced “Drive Card Technology” to produce a smoother scroll, while image reverse on the monitor ensures that the software doesn’t need to work as hard, providing a smoother scroll for the image.

Standard Teleprompter: (aka Autocue) with computer and operator $595.
Pro Prompter Package: (Advanced design with rigging, rod system and sliding gold plate for mounting on any tripod or pedestal with larger cameras e.g. RedCam, F900, etc) $695
Hand held and/or battery powered prompters at no additional charge.
Presidential Prompter (aka Speech Prompter): (pair) with operator, $895

Confidence Monitor: A variation of the popular presidential prompter, this package includes a large 42” HD monitor on an adjustable stand that is placed in the direct view of the speaker. $895.

Straight Read Prompter: For use with light ring units for front projection green screen systems and/or very long lenses.  Also useful for gaining an extra F stop under low light conditions. $695
Projection Monitors: Twin video projectors display the copy on the walls of the room/stage or on two strategically placed screens.  $895
NEW:  Xtra BrightÒ Monitors.  Brighter, sharper, easier to read especially in bright lights or in daylight.


Free in  New York City & Los Angeles

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