Actors and the Teleprompter


Not all actors are prepared to use a teleprompter and some of the ones that are aren’t very good at using one.

Erin carter, Actress and Speech Coach  NYC


Why and When An Actor Needs A Teleprompter


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Erin Carter, Teleprompter Operator & Speech Coach

The difficulty rises when actors, who are used to memorizing their dialogue, have to read it off a teleprompter and try and act at the same time. It’s a difficult situation for them, as a teleprompter operator it’s my job to make sure the reader is always comfortable with what they’re reading in any setting.
There are instances where an actor will become so frustrated with reading the dialogue that they lose their place and stumble the lines. All they have to know is this, the teleprompter operator is there for them, the dialogue moves according to how fast or slow they can read the lines.
So all actors out there that haven’t used a teleprompter yet, trust your operator, we’re there for you.



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