A Teleprompter Operator is Always Prepared!

In my experience, I have found that the Boy Scouts’ motto is pertinent and pays off in life!  I further contend that extensive, exhaustive preparation results in extraordinary, exciting experiences when on a teleprompter job!

It’s not often you’re in the presence of Hollywood superstars, unless, of course, you’re part of a film crew or better yet a freelance Teleprompter Operator for a production company specializing in Teleprompter Rental NYC. Not just any production company, I’m talking about The American Movie Company / TeleprompterRental.com, which prides itself on its professional, proficient staff.

Only after extensive, rigorous training in teleprompter operations is one sent out on a gig.


I was ready, confident and eager to go out on my own.


My turn came and I did just that!


To my delight, my first job was Teleprompter Operator for a series of Dr. Pepper national commercials and international spots for Latino Megastar, “The King of Bachata”, Romeo Santos.



He’s the former lead singer of  “Aventura” and has been a consistent Billboard Latin chart topper since 2002.  This was an incredible opportunity to work with this music god.  For those who may not know, “Bachata” is a Latino genre of music that began in the Dominican Republic.  Its themes are often romantic and tell tales of heartbreak and profound sadness.

Romeo Santos proved to be a true gentleman and totally unpretentious.  We introduced ourselves and after a minute we began to speak in Spanish discovering we shared the same ethnic background.


I told him to just shout “Gonzalez” whenever he had a question or any need and I would be there for him.


We trusted each other from that moment on.  We connected on a very basic level. I was excited to be his teleprompter operator for the shoot and eager to please.  I sensed he felt at ease with me. I familiarized him with the process and assured him that if he needed any changes to the script be it in terms of the font size or actual content that I could quickly and easily adjust it for him.  All went well. I couldn’t have hoped for a more gratifying, fun, first shoot.

By Michael Gonzalez, Producer/Talent/ Webcasting Executive/ Teleprompter Operator for AMC. TeleprompterRental.com


Michael Gonzalez

Michael Gonzalez

A Teleprompter Operator is Always Prepared!

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