First off let me introduce myself, my name is Sarah Schwartz and I am a new intern here at American Movie Company. So far this internship has granted me awesome opportunities such as going on set to see the behind the scenes of a video shoot. As a Public Relations major from Hofstra University, you don’t get to see how this sort of thing all comes together unless you’re in one of the studios in the school of communications.



Last week, I was given the chance to shadow Michael Gonzalez on set as he was in charge of the teleprompter. I’d heard such glowing comments about Michael. He’s both an actor and an experienced teleprompter/interrotron operator.

Sarah Schwartz, Intern at AMC
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I knew I couldn’t pass up this opportunity because it would increase my knowledge of production and hey, who knows, maybe I will end up pursuing something in the production field. During my commute that day, I was filled with excitement because there was so much unknown. Going into a new environment can sometimes be intimidating but from the beginning everyone was very friendly and welcoming which made it a lot easier.

It was amazing to see how a plain white studio could be turned into an interesting backdrop of a video. Michael was a great teacher and made sure to explain each part of the teleprompter, how it works and how it is put together. So, with a little more hands-on experience, I feel comfortable in saying, if you ever need someone to put together a teleprompter that you happen to have lying around, I am the gal to call!

After I had the mini tutorial on how a teleprompter works, I was actually able to see how it does work and put my reading and speaking skills to the test. It was a tad nerve-racking and definitely felt a lot of pressure but I did it! As I was sitting on the stool in front of the camera, I couldn’t help but think about all the components that were being used. I thought the coolest part was seeing how the camera can record a video without picking up the words on the glass in front of the lens.


Although I’m just an intern, my advice to you is to pretend you’re the only one in the room and no one is watching you. Also, focus on the sentences on the screen and don’t rush because the technician controls the speed. So there is no reason to think you have to speak at 100 mph.

Next piece of advice is to make sure you have a sip of water beforehand so that you don’t get tongue-tied. We all know how embarrassing it is to start tripping over words and before you know it English is a foreign language to you. I strongly believe that if you follow these simple tips you will be on your way to be the best teleprompter reader.

Overall, I thought the day was a success and I walked out of the studio knowing a lot more about the use of a teleprompter and how the crew interacts with the cast.


I’m definitely looking forward to going on more sets with American Movie Company and I am eager to learn more about production.


As I mentioned above, I majored in Public Relations. I am so happy to have been among professionals each devoted to his craft. I saw the theoretical and practical aspects of it, the planning, the objectives, and the actual implementation. In the end, it’s all about communication!


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