Because of the typically tense environment on a shoot, I feel obliged to comment on the professional, yet playful experience I had with AMC. As the team shitfed from the Gold Plate, to the Presidential Prompter, they had their image consultant talk to the client about her wardrobe, make-up, and all her options re: colors, and brands.

One of the things I love about this team (and AMC) is that they are so knowledgeable, yet pleasant. Every step of the rehearsal sessions for the News Caster we were working with seemed comfortable for both the client, and the AMC team.

It was a pleasure to be on site withe such a competent, pro-goup. I have been fortunate to work with many film and print crews in my career, but have NEVER written a review before now. I’m confident in referring you to AMC, and I will personally be referring both the company, and the crew I worked with.

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