24/7 Emergency TeleprompterServices


Please call Leah 646-340-6450

Bill at:  917-414-5489

Hollywood: 818-434-9660

Toll Free: 1-800-811-7805


24/7  Teleprompter Rental Service


Interrotron, Teleprompter (aka AutoCue), Presidential Prompter (aka Speech Teleprompter), EyeDirect (aka EyeLiner)  and Confidence Monitor Rentals.


Our operators have many years of experience and come with the finest equipment made by AutoCue, the world’s leading teleprompter manufacturer.  These units have “high brite” monitors and thus, clearer, brighter, easier to read and more reliable than standard prompter monitors.

The New York Metropolitan area, Hollywood, Philadelphia, Boston, Las Vegas, San Francisco and Miami rental offices cater to your last minute needs.

Feel free to call or text to get the unit you want and get up and running quickly.


Teleprompting for Jennifer Lawrence at beautiful set - 24/7 teleprompter rental service


On most occasions, producers plan and schedule their project and its intricacies well ahead of time.  However, things come up unexpectedly.  When that happens, and you need a teleprompter or an interrotron, a battery-powered teleprompter, or any other related piece of equipment, think of us.

Rest assured.  We can help.  We never sleep!

There is always someone ready to be of service.  Give us a call at any of the above numbers.


24/7  Teleprompter Rental Service


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Maria Diaz Teleprompter & Interrotron Tech NYC. "call us 24/7... we'll be there with the right prompter." Maria Diaz, NYC Prompter Pretty Latina saying Princess & Interrotron Tech.

Maria Diaz, Teleprompter Technician


Holá! Call anytime.  We”ll be there with the right prompter in the nick of time.






To reiterate:  TeleprompterRental.com will rent you a Teleprompter, Presidential Teleprompter an Interrotron or a Confidence Monitor at any hour of the day in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Philadelphia, Hollywood, Chicago, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Miami and other citires across the country.


24/7  Teleprompter Rental Service



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