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An experienced operator not only comes  knows how to set up the device and to operate it properly but knows how to work effectively with the talent.  Knows how anticipate a change in tone or pace to be able to know what to do if talent should wander off copy and start ad-libbing.  This is really the mark of a seasoned operator and a seasoned operator is exactly what you want.

It’s critically important that the operator establish a rapport with the talent right away.   The two of them  are working together with the talent is following the script in him or her in front of him or at least glancing at it to be able to keep on track.



TeleprompterREntal.combeautiful redhead's eye with cyber imagery superimposed.


The operator, on the other hand, has to has to follow the talent.  Remember the talent doesn’t follow the operator.  This is a very pretty important distinction one often lost when when one is hiring a prompter company.

Perhaps the most important item to consider when hiring a prompter service is the quality of the operators they employ.  It’s vitally important that they send you a seasoned operator one who has got a lot of prompting experience under their belt.  Someone who works well with the talent remember the talent is does not keep up with the operator space it is the operator who must understand the talents speed and propensity for pausing.    Or for wondering and consistently being a be able to follow them to anticipate their needs.


The opperator must give them the confidence that that copy is going to be there in front of them when they need it.


They nned to be free to allow their eyes to wonder around the room to look here and there to look into the eyes of the audience.  And yet when they come back to have the confidence knowing that the script on the Teleprompter is going to be exactly where they needed it.


The operator must build that sense of confidence translates into a great performance by the actor.


That confidence is often not there when one hires and inexperienced unseasoned operator.



We Extend Our Teleprompter Services to Trenton, Atlantic City and Central New Jersey.


All units are delivered free of charge.

Just a reminder about Atlantic City.  It is about 55 miles away.  We often go there to work.  Okay, I admit we also enjoy the varied attractions, be they the many casinos, the famous boardwalk or its many museums.


We offer our  services to various companies and individuals who profit from using our units.  They know the importance of a device which when used under the supervision of totally professional operators.


In addition to the popular units mentioned above, we pride ourselves in being able to make our new Mark IV Interrotron available in Philly and environs.   There are the seven such units in North America  with three in NYC,  three in LA and one here.  We expect more in the immediate future as the demand has been amazing.  

This type of device is actually the only “real Interrotron”.


Interroton Mark III on trepod with camera at

Interroton Mark III


Before the introduction of the original Mark II unit, people had to make do with just two standard prompters connected together.  (Most rental services still provide these and call them “Interrotrons”).


This is better than nothing, as it does do the basic job of connecting the director’s face with that of the talent.  This way reduces their stress, as they are now looking at a real human face instead of a cold camera lens.


But the real Mark IV Interrotron unit goes far beyond that primitive function.  There’s a professional 16 X 9 real HD monitor designed to display high quality video in a format the director needs, not a cheap SD teleprompter monitor in a 4:3 format which is designed for text.


Further, all the connections on the Mark IV are professional such as HDSDI and HDMI not just primitive AV composite connections.


We provide a separate professional HD camera and adjustable light for the director’s face and a second tripod, etc.  Watch the video here to get more info.


Our Mark IV units rent to directors of national commercials for Microsoft, Verizon, Post Cereals and yes, Academy Award winner, Errol Morris, who invented it in the first place, rents from us when he’s in town.


Image of Errol Morris psoter

Academy Award winning documentary film maker, Errol Morris is the inventor of the Interrotron


We are professionals with state of the art equipment and a dedicated staff.

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