Teleprompter Rental Toronto

Teleprompter Rental Toronto

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Scenic view of Toronto home of Teleprompter Toronto, the largest teleprompter rental company in North America is now providing the greater Toronto area with superb, professional prompter/autocue rental service.

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Standard Teleprompter Rental professional 19" through the lens prompter. professional 19″ through-the-lens prompter.



All our teleprompters are delivered and operated by an experienced professional.

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EyeDirect Rental Toronto

We use high-quality AutoCue prompters as well as the amazing EyeDirect which functions like an Interrotron.


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EyeDirect Mark II Rental Toronto



All our teleprompters are delivered and operated by an experienced professional.

 Our prompters are lightweight AutoQ 12” and 19” professional units offering reliability and excellent picture quality. They can operate on either AC or battery power sources.  We have various types.


Through-the-lens Prompter

Teleprompter displays are camera mounted.  The talent looks right into the lens to see the copy.  This is often referred to as a standard teleprompter.



Roll Up Prompters

The “Through-the-lens Prompter” is mounted on a rolling stand.  Thus, the camera operator can set up and prep the camera on the tripod and then when the prompter is needed it is just rolled in place in front of the lens or set to the side for off camera prompting.


Off-Camera Prompting Systems

Our prompter monitors are set up and viewed off camera.   These are set up on tripods, C-stands or, as above, on rolling stands.


Daylight, Battery-powered Prompters

Basically, they are on off-camera mounts with battery power and displays bright enough to be read in sunlight.


Presidential Prompters

AKA  Speech Teleprompters used in live presentations to an audience.  Two glass plates reflect the image for floor mounted monitors.  The two-way glass allows the speaker to see the text but the audience looks right through the glass to see the face of the speaker.


Confidence Monitors

The confidence monitor, aka down stage or “rock n’ roll” monitor, is used by speakers, singers, and musicians who need to move about on the stage and still see text copy or song lyrics.  One or more monitors are placed low at the front of the stage, often described as speaker units.  These large monitors can be placed at the rear of the audience or in the wings.

 servicing Toronto with prompters and EyeDirect servicing Toronto is dedicated to just one thing…   Professional teleprompting.  


We have decades of experience and with professional operators, in virtually every major film market from Mexico to Canada we are THE North American Teleprompter Service.


And to remain the best we pledge to provide you with top grade professional gear, experienced, dedicated operators and the best possible service.

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Teleprompter Rental Toronto