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Teleprompter Direct to Camera

Teleprompters are very vital pieces of equipment that allow a speaker to look directly at the audience he or she is speaking to while reading the text of the speech itself.Nothing looks so awkward as a professional or govt official who is continually breaking eye contact with his/her audience by spending awkward amounts of time attempting to read the speech contents.

Let the public speaker make a reading mistake while squinting at the 12 point font and the game is all over, the audible twitters in the audience go electronic in seconds and itself is deluged in moments with cleverly rewritten real-time copies of the public faux pau.

If you or your boss are in the business of giving public speeches then do yourself a favor and check out the various types of teleprompters that might be used to aid in the situation.

If the speech is direct to a camera then a regular teleprompter or an Interritron might do the trick aptly.

If however the speech is in front of an audience in which you or your boss may need to turn left and right at various times during the speech in order to properly address the audience then you need a presidential teleprompter which has parts that enable you to turn left or turn right and still see the speech in front of you.

While using a presidential teleprompter, audience members who are

Presidential Teleprompter - Note the ability for speaker to turn and address a live audience by turn left and right and still having the speech available to read

within 15-20 feet may see a transparent portion of the apparatus but those who are 40 feet and further really won’t see the teleprompter apparatus much if at all.

Along with teleprompter services there is sometimes a need for a teleprompter aware speech coach.

There are many good speech coaches available but not many of them know the variety of teleprompters and how to help their clients use the teleprompter in the most professional manner.

If your speech or presentation is important ( and which of them are not ) spend a bit more money and get yourself a speech coach who understands intimately the many ways in which a teleprompter can be used to enhance your presentation.

Don’t gamble with your presentation, where possible, use a teleprompter aware speech coach who is technically proficient with using the different kinds of teleprompter gear to make the most of your presentation.

If you need a teleprompter for rent you can try the company below. They have teleprompters and teleprompter operators in many US cities.

Teleprompter Rentals with operator., New York’s premier teleprompter operator offers teleprompters (aka autocue) with professional operator for $595 per 10hr day delivered in Manhattan. Larger cameras can be accommodated with our “Pro Prompters” at $695 212-219-1075 212-952-1800 Battery powered prompters and hand held also available at no additional charge.

Teleprompter Operator And Speech Coach

We also have Presidential Prompters available at $895 delivered with operator.

The Errol Morris “Interritrons” are available, delivered with operator, camera and tripod for $895 per pair.

Note: All prompters are offered at a $100 discount when used on our Green Screen Sound Stages.
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