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Teleprompter Rental Los Angeles


Teleprompter Rental LA




Our Hollywood office is headed by Erika Larsen Jarrett Sullivan, Devon Block, Davis Farthing and Blair Higata

or  call Bill Milling at: 917-414-5489.


Two cameras both shooting through the same teleprompter

Shooting two cameras through the same teleprompter


For more information, please visit our Los Angeles Prompter website,


  • Presidential Prompter Rental LA- $795
  • LA Interrotron Mark III HD pair – $795
  • New Interrotron Mark II EyeDirect (no operator) $250
  • Standard Professional Teleprompter  Rental LA – $595
  • Confidence Monitor Rental LA- $595/b
  • SteadiCam Prompter Rental LA $595
  • Daylight / Battery Powered Prompter $695
  • Extra Large Hood Prompter with rig for two cameras $695


Teleprompter and camera

Teleprompter Rental LA



Note: Confidence Monitors also also called “Down Stage Monitors” and “Rock ‘N Roll Monitors”



We are in a particularly competitive part of the country.  This is the center of the world film/television industry.   So we work harder to gain your confidence and respect.



Our staff is incredibly proficient both at dealing with people and the above prompter units.



We have the experience and the passion to make your event, your project a successful one.


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Interrotron Rental, Teleprompter and Presidential Prompter Rentals Available in:


Hollywood, West Palm Beach, Studio City, Hollywood, CA, Burbank, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, Venice Beach, Culver City, Marina Del Rey, Brentwood, and Beverly Hills.


And… the above mentioned units are also available in other parts of the country:


New York City, Long Island, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Connecticut, Washington, D.C., Delaware, Virginia, Miami, Ft Lauderdale, and Hollywood, Florida to name a few.


Whether you need a Teleprompter Rental in Los Angeles or an Interrotron Rental or EyeDirect or Presidential Prompter Rental…

…give us a call.  


 Interrotron Rental Los Angeles

We want to work with you.


Especially popular is our full line of Interrotrons:

We have the new Interrotron Mark IV and Mark IV S which are only available here and in New York.


We have more of the immensely popular Interrotron Mark III units than anyone anywhere.


Intrrotron Mark IV logo

Intrrotron Mark IV


Or the popular highly portable Interrotron Mark II EyeDirect (aka EyeLiner).



EyeDirect Rental LA

EyeDirect  Teleprompter Rental LA




Teleprompter Rental Hollywood

Teleprompter Rental Hollywood



Teleprompter Rental Los Angeles