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Standard AutoCue Gold plate prompter




We proud to announce that we now have the capacity to satisfy your teleprompter needs in Boston and surrounding area.

We have the following available:

Standard Teleprompter – $595

21″ Teleprompter with 2 camera rig  $695

19″ Daylight battery Powered Prompter $695

Presidential Teleprompter – $795

Confidence Monitor – $595

Interrotron  Mark III- $795

Interrotron Mark II $595

Mark II without operator $250 


So, whether you are having a conference, a reunion or any other event which must run smoothly – using a teleprompter will help.  Clearly, if you are thinking of renting this unit, I don’t need to convince you of its many advantages.  Call us and we’ll make your project a successful one.

.  It is one of the oldest cities in the United States and witnessed several key events in its history.  Most notably, of course, during the American Revolution, the Boston Tea Party, the Battle of Bunker Hill to name a few.  Boston continues to be an incredibly important center for education and culture.  To our dismay, last year Boston became seared into our collective memory due to the terror at the marathon on April 15.  Boston Strong has been added to the lexicon.  But I digress…  when in need of a teleprompter for that important speech…

Please call:  Toll Free 1-800-811-7085 or Bill Milling at:  917-414-5489


Teleprompter Rental Boston - Beautiful Eva Guevara teleprompter Operator in gray business suit

Eva Guevara teleprompter Operator

Teleprompter Rental Boston