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 Teleprompter Rental in Atlanta

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Standard Teleprompter Rental Atlanta – $595

Presidential Telepromter Rental Atlanta – $795

Confidence MonitorRental Atlanta – $595

Interrotron Mark II  – $250 without operator FOB NYC


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Our  presence in Atlanta is at long last a reality!  We have had several teleprompter gigs in this most wonderful of cities.  Its attractions are too numerous to mention.  High on the list, of course, are the many museums, the urban oasis that is the Atlanta Botanical Garden, the History Center, which houses the largest Civil War memorabilia in this part of the country, the Centennial Olympic Park (Olympics held here in 1996).  Of note is the largest aquarium in North America, the Georgia Aquarium.  Let us not forget you can take a hike in Stone Mountain Park, the most visited attraction in the state.

Perhaps, the MLK JR National Historic Site can be said to be the most important site in Atlanta.  Given that it is home to the Civil Rights movement, other attractions relate to exhibits which depict defining moments in Martin Luther King, Jr’s live.  One cannot pass up visiting the Ebenezer Baptist Church.  Its importance is indisputable.  Sorry, I seem to be giving you a history lesson.  I didn’t mean to preach.  It is fresh in my mind because we attended a celebration in honor of MLK’s birthday this past January.  The use of the teleprompter by various speakers ensured a flawless delivery.



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When you need a teleprompter – think of us.

And when you need an excellent cameraman in Atlanta give a call to Nick Montolvo 706-461-6425

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Standard Teleprompter

Standard Teleprompter

We have the following available in Atlanta and environs:


Standard Teleprompter – $595

Presidential Telepromter – $795

Confidence Monitor – $595


We offer free delivery of above units.  Not only that – a totally professional operator will make your job easier.  He/she is experienced and can anticipate and solve any problem which may arise.


At this time the popular Interrotrons are only available in New York and Hollywood.  We can easily ship the portable Interrotron Mark II Eye Direct model. The Mark III requires a technician.  

Please call Bill Milling 212-219-1075 to discuss possibilities.

Interrotron  Mark III  with tech- $795


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Rest assured, when you rent from us, we will do our best to make your project run smoothly.  We pride ourselves at being the best!

If I may go off on a tangent…


Last October we provided a teleprompter for a cancer fundraising event in Savannah.  The speaker appreciated the help.  A potentially embarrassing situation was averted.   One of our operators showed up early and fully prepared and spent time on a one to one basis with the gentleman delivering the speech to over two hundred people.  It all went smoothly and a lot of money was raised.  Some people then enjoyed walking around Forsyth Park and marveled at the Savannah Fountain in Pink by Carol Groenen.

Savannah Fountain in Pink by Carol Groenen

Savannah Fountain in Pink by Carol Groenen

There are many squares of infinite interest.  Savannah’s history is laid out here.  We at Teleprompter Rental have been instrumental in a few organized tourist tours.  The battery-powered teleprompter came in handy as we walked from square to square.  The tour guide was being trained and used our unit to remind and (no pun intended) guide him through the historical ground he had to cover.  Of particular interest was the Pulaski Monument in Monterey Square.  Savannah’s history is much too rich and intricate to do it justice here.  Suffice it to say that we love working here and are appreciative of its beauty and hospitality.

Pulaski Monument in Monterey Square

Pulaski Monument detail in Monterey Square

Take the worry out of your next speech delivery – give us a chance to work with you.

Call Bill Milling  at:  917-414-5489 or Toll Free at 1-800-811-7805.

To quote the indomitable Scarlet “After all, tomorrow is another day!”


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Eva Guevara, Teleprompter Operator




Hi, I’m Eva one of our prompter and Interrotron operators here in Atlanta.  Give us a call  at 1-800-811-7805 office hours or any time at 917-414-5489.


We will deliver and operate a professional teleprompter, presidential prompter, Interrotron or confidence monitor.  Our prices are all inclusive in the Atlanta area.


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