Teleprompter Adventures! Every time we take on a client, it’s a whole new adventure, each with its own  unique and exciting challenges and situations to conquer. This particular instance was so memorable for the series of hurtles we had to leap over to get to the finish line. From tech problems to security guard […]

Some handy and valuable teleprompter tips. There are really six different kinds of teleprompters (aka Autocues) : On-Camera, Hand-held, Presidential, Interrotron, Confidence Monitor and Rock ‘n’ Roll. 1) On-Camera:  There are two different physical types of on-camera prompters. The first is ‘Standard size’ – these range from 11” and can go up to 21”.  These […]

Best Price Teleprompter Rental   By Amy Bursor, NYC Prompter Princess   OK, so you have a video shoot coming up and you need a teleprompter. But, you want the best price. And so you tell your production assistant to go and get you a good deal on a really cheap teleprompter rental. He/she goes […]

Get a good job as a Teleprompter Operator By Amy Bursor A teleprompter, aka autocue, is a computerized device that cues actors their lines and prompts anchors with their scripts. Basically there are three types of prompters: 1. The standard teleprompter or autocue, which is generally placed before the lens of the camera. The talent […]

Do you remember the really horrible (teleprompeter free) advertising of the 80’s? No? How old are you?! Anyway, when I was a lad, local commercials were hilariously bad.  It was obvious they were reading from cue cards, or were just plain uncomfortable in front of the camera.  These commercials would occasionally be for local attorneys, […]

Green Day for a Green Earth Call us at 818-434-9660 Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day Promotes a better World When I was told I was going to prompt for Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day, I kinda freaked out a bit. It wasn’t a Liam Neeson or Hugh Jackman freak out, but it was […]

In the Home of Phil Donahue   Phil Donahue guest stars on Marlo’s new webseries “Good Joke” I know I’ve written about it before, but I’m completely blown away by the home of Phil Donahue and Marlo Thomas. This place is, as we say, redonkulous. It was designed in 2009 by famous modern architect Charles […]

The X Prize Foundation is My Favorite Foundation     If you don’t know what the X Prize Foundation is, I don’t know who you are. Just kidding, but seriously the X Prize foundation is super cool. They take donations from around the world, and offer it up as a prize for finding solutions to […]

Eric Stoltz is so Underrated     Eric Stoltz star of Caprica is starting a new series on Lifetime   Modern Love is a new show on Lifetime featuring Eric Stoltz as a society reporter who’s life gets quite complicated. I know what you’re thinking, really Eric Stoltz, Lifetime? I thought this as well. Here’s […]