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New York City Teleprompter & Interrotron  Operators



Bill Milling at

Bill Milling


Bill Milling is the owner of the American Movie Company

and its subsidiary





AMC also boasts of providing WebCasting facilities and several Green Screen Studios and Green Screen Stages in  NYC.


Teleprompter Rental has offices in New York, Miami and Hollywood.  And, operators in Boston, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Orlando, San Francisco, Chicago, Nashville, Las Vegas.  We continue to expand.


Below you will find a few members of our staff:


Lou Blackmon, Teleprompter Operator

Lou Blackmon 



Lou Blackmon is studio manager at The American Movie Company.  He is also a proficient Cameraman, Gaffer and an experienced Teleprompter, Presidential Telerompter and Interrotron operator.



Michael Gonzalez, Producer/Talent/ Webcasting Executive/ Teleprompter Camera Operator for AMC.

Michael Gonzalez


Michael Gonzalez is a a true Renaissance man.  He is a professional actor.  His resume is quite impressive. He has appeared on several TV shows, among them: Law and Order, Orange is the New Black, Blue Bloods, CBS’s Unforgettable, Gossip Girl etc. He counts Salt with Angelina Jolie and Man on a Ledge with Sam Worthington as wonderful experiences. Michael has done commercials for: Allstate Insurance, Mercedes Benz and others.  He is an experienced Teleprompter and Interrotron Operator. He has great expertise in coaching talent for a stress-free, effective performance in front of the teleprompter. He is a welcome asset to our company.  Always very much in demand.




Arie Ohayon seated behind the new Interrotron Mark II Eye Direct in operation with Arie Ohayon, DP in American Movie Company NY studio

Arié Oháyon


Arié Oháyon is a talented Director of Photography and Senior Editor at the American Movie Company.  His accomplishements in this field are impressive and worthy of praise.  He is also an experienced Interrotron Technician.  Truly, a man for all seasons.




Headshot of RJ Yenesel wearing a black baseball cap and black shirt.

RJ Yenesel


RJ Yenesel is a sought after sound recordist at The American Movie Company.  He is also an experienced professional Teleprompter, TriCaster and Interrotron operator/technician.  He designed and built the SteadiCam prompter for






Headshot of Eva Guevara smiling and happy at home drinking a cup of tea or coffee

Eva Guevara


Eva Guevara, is an on air personality at the American Movie Company.   She has hosted Tech Update and is an experienced speech coach.  In a pinch she steps in as a Teleprompter Operator.





Headshot of Dylan Irizarry wearing glasses and a red shirt.

Dylan Irizarry


Dylan Irizarry is a sound recordist at the American Movie Company and professional Teleprompter/Interrotron Operator.





Headshot of Carina Cortez Miami Office Exec. Picture of Corina

Carina Cortez



Carina Cortez is an experienced Teleprompter/Interrotron Operator.  As an actress she works with talent in making them comfortable in front of the teleprompter.  She is also proficient in Spanish.




Partial List of Teleprompter/Interrotron Operators NYC