Presidential Prompter

President Obama often used a Presidential Teleprompter.


Presidential Teleprompter Rental


aka Speech Prompter or Podium Prompter

 $825 – delivered with a professional operator.

The above animation was created by Joe O’Donnell, an experienced professional operator who operates out of Detroit.

Two textbook-sized panes of glass rest on top of two tall, narrow poles and flank the podium. This is the Presidential Teleprompter. During this campaign season it is ubiquitous on both Democratic and Republican candidates’ stages as they deliver their speeches.

By using a teleprompter, a speaker has greater eye contact with an audience. One must not forget, however, that it is a performance device only. Sometimes the speaker becomes more focused on simply reading the words rather than conveying passion for and an understanding of what he/she is actually saying. One should also be aware of the possibility of losing one’s place. If the teleprompter operator’s speed does not follow the speaker’s or if the speaker goes off script, problems ensue. It can be embarrassing. How to deal with this? The speaker should have the written text in front of him for such a contingency.

To re-iterate:  The Presidential or “Speech Prompter” consists of two clear glass screens which are placed immediately to the right and left of the speaker.

The image of the text is projected on clear glass.  The audience sees through the glass and has a clear view of the speaker.

The text is projected from two monitors below each screen and is only seen by the speaker.  The exact same text is on each screen so the speaker can glance right and left and keep his or her place perfectly. Podium and Presidential Teleprompter Rental

Presidential “Speech” Teleprompter


We are celebrity friendly.


Presidents since Hoover, most notably, Kennedy, Johnson, Reagan, both George W. and George H. Bush, and of course, President Obama have all used teleprompters of all sorts.


It has become a staple of public speakers everywhere.  Even Donald Trump has deigned to use a teleprompter.


We have used our prompters with First Lady Michelle Obama, Beyoncé, Liam Neeson, Hugh Jackman, Heads of State and other dignitaries at the United Nations.


There are countless occasions that call for the use of a teleprompter.  We have had clients from far and wide, including Europe and South America, and, of course, here at home in various states.


We also have the Robotic Adjusting Prompter system.  This allows the two glass panels to be raised or lowered remotely to the exact height required.


No longer does an assistant have to run out onto the stage to adjust the height of the prompter for the next speaker.  Now, the operator sets the exact height for each performer or speaker in advance and then, as soon as one person is finished, the remote control unit adjusts the height exactly.


Why not join in?  Call us and we’ll make your project so much better!




…with operator, laptop, software, all cables, distribution amp, delivered $825 for a ten hour day.


Shot of presidential teleprompter at Conde Nast Traveler show



And check out our standard through the lens prompters.


The Presidential Teleprompter system can be complemented or replaced by one or more Confidence Monitors.


Picture of a monitor mounted at the foot of the stage.

Floor Mounted Confidence Monitor


These are large screens placed strategically about the space enabling the speaker to move freely about.  They can be mounted low on the stage tilted up so the speaker can walk back and forth and just by glancing down see his/her copy.

Or we can place one or more large monitors in the rear of the room so the speaker can actually leave the podium or stage area and walk down among the audience without losing connection with the scrolling copy on the monitor.


Bill Milling with silver hair and glasses at

Bill Milling


We use our Speech Teleprompter and Confidence Monitor systems for “mission critical” speeches from prominent individuals referred to above, as well as The Rolling Stones, the cast of “Glee,” and key executives of Fortune 50 companies.




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Presidential Teleprompter Rental