Teleprompter Adventures! Every time we take on a client, it’s a whole new adventure, each with its own  unique and exciting challenges and situations to conquer. This particular instance was so memorable for the series of hurtles we had to leap over to get to the finish line. From tech problems to security guard […]

Teleprompter Rental NY, LA, NJ, CT, DC and Miami This part of show business may seem boring to some, but teleprompters are incredibly useful.  But, hey you know that.  They let the talent concentrate on performance rather than trying to hide their terror at forgetting the script. We are professionals who take […]

The more I pay attention to television and commercials, the more I notice the wide use of teleprompters.  Now, they aren’t super noticeable,  and given that I use this device almost everyday, I am more aware and know the and I know the tell tale signs. Slight pauses in the speech. Odd phrasing, Odd emphases, […]

Do you remember the really horrible (teleprompeter free) advertising of the 80’s? No? How old are you?! Anyway, when I was a lad, local commercials were hilariously bad.  It was obvious they were reading from cue cards, or were just plain uncomfortable in front of the camera.  These commercials would occasionally be for local attorneys, […]

LET THE TELEPROMPTER BE YOUR GUIDE There are no hard and fast rules on how to utilize your teleprompter on set. My experience with East Pleasant Pictures is a great example of this. Today we were working with Stephanie from East Pleasant Pictures on part two of their team’s Diabetes PSA. Chris Noth from Law […]

Must Love Cats! No, really, there’s a TV show called “Must Love Cats” I did a teleprompter job for John Fulton, the host of Must Love Cats. Being a NYC resident, I don’t often travel, but for this gig, I got to drive down to Philadelphia. I was hoping that the gig would go by […]

Interrotron makes Children’s Interviews a breeze. Using the Interrotron removes the abstract and replaces it with the concrete. At every Interrotron gig I work, there are at least three people who go out of their way to ask me questions about it.  It is a fairly simple set up, just two teleprompters and two cameras […]