The interrotron is usually best with inexperienced actors who are a bit intimidated by the camera and have a tendency to look off lens toward the sound of the person directing them.

Bill Milling, owner of The American Movie Company &  is one of the nation’s  largest and best equipped  teleprompter rental  companies.  We not only  provide all of the usual  teleprompters such as:

 Presidential Teleprompters, Daylight Prompters, SteadiCam Prompters, Confidence Monitors, etc., but we are also the largest Interrotron dealer in the country. is a wholly owned subsidiary of the American Movie Company, LLC (

Bill can be reached on his mobile 917-414-5489 or at the studio at 212-219-1075



Teleprompter Rental NYC


New York and Los Angeles offer 24/7 Teleprompter Rentals


Eva Guevara, LA Speech Coach at

Eva Guevara, LA Speech Coach



We also have offices in Los Angeles, Boston, Miami, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Chicago, Newark, Atlantic City, Orlando and San Francisco, Vancouver and Toronto.


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Bill is the owner of The American Movie Company.  He’s the Emmy Award® winning producer of the NBC children’s TV series “Unicorn Tales” .  The series won 18  Emmys as well as the coveted  Action For Children’s Television Award®.

Bill has written,  produced and directed over twenty feature films.

Additionally, he worked on many major motion pictures as Executive in Charge of Production or Production Supervisor on:  “The Mortal Instruments, City of Bones”,  “Lucky Number Slevin”, ” “Senseless”, “54”, Third Miracle”,and “The Late Shift”.

Bill produced content for virtually every major TV series including “30 Rock”, “Gossip Girl”, “CSI NY”, “Dexter”, “The West Wing”, “Mad About You”, “Friends”, “Will & Grace”, “Everybody Loves Raymond”, “Conviction”, “The X Files”, “How I Met Your Mother”, “Smallville”, and “Without A Trace”.

Bill has directed a host of star performers including James Earl Jones, Dick Van Patten, Raven Simone, Charlton Heston, Priscilla Barnes, Erik Estrada, Paul Smith, Michael Parks, James Hong, et al.

Bill is a former president of  a Japanese/American film and TV production/distribution company, Sigmax, Inc.  The company remade major Japanese Motion pictures in the US in English and dubbed hundreds of hours of Japanese animation into English and Spanish.  Sigmax was the North American distributor of that content.

Bill  has undergraduate degrees in English, philosophy and classical languages, an MA in English Literature, and MA and PhD ABD in Cinema Studies from NYU Tisch.  He taught Film Production and Feature Screen Writing at the NYU School of Film & Television.


Erika Larsen Marketing Director

We discovered Erika when she acted and modeled for us at on a major music video shoot at South Beach.  She has extensive marketing experience and expressed a desire to extend our prompter business nationally.  Since joining our team, she has opened offices in Miami,  LA, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Newark,  Philadelphia, Washington DC, Las Vegas and San Francisco.  Check her profile out on Facebook

She identifies the best prompter operators in each city and trains them on the best gear.  When they are ready they take their place on our local roster of professionals.  At the present moment we only have Interrotrons in New York, LA and Philadelphia.  But we can ship nationally.

For more about Erika, friend her on Facebook.

Here’s a list of Teleprompter & Interrotron Operators in the NY Metro Area.


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